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Youth Programs

Youth Programs

Redline Responder Foundation aims to support under-served youth in athletics, school physical education programs  and youth athletic leagues.


  1. Youth Scholarship Program - This program gives youth financial support to enable them to participate in organized sports and recreational activities. We believe that the benefits of participating in athletics are great and that all youth should have access to participate in sporting events. We believe that the cost to participate in organizaed sports can sometimes be prohibitive to allowing all kids to participate. We do not want this to be a barrier for children and want to help provide them with the resources that they need so that they may experience the benefits of participating in sports.

  2. School Physical Education Program Support - This program supports schools' physical education programs that are underfunded and need additional support for equipment and resources. The Foundation will provide provide equipment items on schools' wishlists to help make their physical education programs successful and to allow for all kids to have an opportunity to experience a variety of sports and activities at school.

  3. Youth Athletic League Program - This program supports Youth Athletic Leagues in need. Some leagues may need help with funding, sponsorship of events, equipment, etc. The foundation aims to help these leagues in need.

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