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9/8/2020 AM Update

From Trina:

I know this morning’s update is very different than previous and some stuff most won’t understand but we just wanted to share with you all everything we were told today....

Vent on 70% ECMO on 30% can’t take off yet due to drop in O2

ABG PaO2: 91 PaCO2: 36 pH: 7.14 Bicarb: 12

CBC White blood cells: 60.2 Lactic acid: 12.3

BMP everything out of range. Potassium is very high and liver enzymes off the charts.

Developed pneumothorax overnight and put chest tube in left side but did not help much.

Ultrasound on liver...thought there was something there but one radiologist said no. They’re asking for 2nd opinion. Some thoughts were gallbladder or Ischemic liver.

X-rays of belly has been ordered.

Blood pressure very low especially on arterial line. He’s on 3 meds for it and a 4th has been ordered.

Nurse said it’s not good and he’s struggling to live.

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