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9/7/2020 Updates

From Tony Searcy, PM: Tommy’s white blood cell count has went up drastically. The Dr’s are worried about his Blood pressure. They are not sure if they can find the the infection. The Dr. wants us to go to the hospital. Prayers are needed. Thank you.

From Crystal Searcy, 11:22 PM: Tommy is septic from an unknown infection. The doctors are trying to locate the infection and are giving a broad-spectrum antibiotic. We should have a better idea in the next 24 hrs if these antibotics will target the infection. A blood culture has been done and we are waiting on the results.

Positive side note: The ECMO has been reduce to 30% and Tommy tested NEGATIVE for COVID-19. Now we are focusing on the infection.

Please continue to pray, especially over these next 24-48hrs.

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